CSHS students are eager for the snowboarding season to begin

Molly Holtrop ’13

She swiftly fastens her bindings, and before she knows it she’s starting down the slope. A rush of adrenaline pulses through her whole body. The icy wind chills her face as she carves through the snow, prompting her to bury what she can into the neckline of her coat. Snowflakes catch in her eyelashes, and her cheeks burn a rosy red color. As she approaches the bottom of the hill, she takes a deep breath of the winter air. There is nowhere else Breann Miller ’13 would rather be.

“Last year was a disappointment. There wasn’t much snow, which meant snowboarding season was cut short. However, I’m hoping this year will be different. I want to be able to snowboard a lot,” states Miller.

Katie Kidder ’13 has been anticipating this winter for awhile now. With a new board and a season pass, she is prepared for a great season.

“It’s the one thing I love to do in the winter. Getting away from everything and being able to relax is nice,” says Kidder.

Fun times on the slopes:Breann Miller ’13, Paige Fisher ’13, and Katie Kidder ’13 pose for a picture at Cannonsburg Ski Area. They always love the winter season.Photo by Breann Miller.

Fun times on the slopes:
Breann Miller ’13, Paige Fisher ’13, and Katie Kidder ’13 pose for a picture at Cannonsburg Ski Area. They always love the winter season.
Photo by Breann Miller.

Like Kidder, Blake Willett ‘14 feels that snowboarding holds a meaning beyond just riding down a hill.

“The experience is unlike any. Everyone should try snowboarding,” suggests Willett.

Each one of these experienced snowboarders started somewhere. With their wobbly knees and snow covered butts, they struggled to learn the concept of this acquired talent.

“I skied for four years. I started snowboarding in 7th grade because I wanted to challenge myself. My brother was the one to teach me everything,” states Kidder.

Older siblings played a big part of the learning process for both Kidder and Miller. Their influences created doorways for these girls.

“I started snowboarding because my brother and his friends did it. I thought it looked so cool,” says Miller.

Willett was very young when he first started snowboarding. He was only three years old and is essentially self-taught.

“Snowboarding always looked like so much fun. Nobody really taught me how; I just learned on my own,” stated Willett.

Cannonsburg Ski Area provided a learning center for these newcomers. However, as they grew up, their skills matured as well. Cannonsburg, which was once a snowboarding haven, became a place where a challenge could not be found. Now these snowboarders venture off to new places such as Boyne.

As they move on into their futures, all three of these students agree that snowboarding is a way of life.

Kidder states, “Snowboarding isn’t like a high school sport where you’re done after four years. It becomes part of your life, something you can do forever.”

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